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...or rather, cleaning up after them can.

So, last Saturday, I get a call from my brother in the morning asking for help packing his ex girlfriend's shit. Apparently, she's already moved out and refuses to pay for utilities because "her shit isn't turning lights on and off." That's all well and good, but her shit IS keeping the next roomate from moving in and helping my brother actually pay bills.
So I head over, because shit, I can't ignore family in need. And then I discovered why he hadn't had any friends over since she'd moved in.

The place was fucking disgusting. Like, "Hoarders: Junior Edition" disgusting. And I've known my brother all my life, I know what level of disorganized he keeps his shit in: not. fucking. this. I'll spare you the gritty details. But this bitch fucked my brother over, and when confronted on it, basically tried to pass the blame to him and minimize her responsibility.

Not to mention I watched her try to get him arrested for assault in front of me. Disgusting.

Anyways, it took us three. Whole. Days. of hardcore cleaning. To get this place in even livable condition again. And I got sick as fuck from it. I've been sick an entire week because she didn't have any basic fucking respect or dignity for the state of the place she was living in.

And don't even get me started on her fucking temper tantrums, or the way she thought she could just demand to use his washer and dryer. Mmmmmbitch? With WHAT utilities? Ur shit don't turn lights on and off remember?

STILL SALTY and still sick. Hope my bro doesn't get dealt such shitty cards next time.


Pay What You Want Commissions by AshHavynn
Pay What You Want Commissions
Hey guys I hope you like good cheap art because GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS.
That's right, it's your favorite, it's time to pay the fucking rent.

How's it work? Easy.
-You PM me a ref of your character (or a description, faceclaim, animal, polyvore, what have you)
-Include what kind of sketch you want: single, sketch page, or ref
-I respond with any other questions I need answered, and link you my paypal
-You pay anything within the price scales for that sketch
-Or more, if it warms your lil' heart (it sure warms mine)
-I draw the thing
-I post the thing to FA

NSFW or nudity may be requested by FA PM! NSFW involving more than 1 character will be a Sketch Page.
All sketches are done wing-it style. Poses, drawing mediums, ect will be chosen by me. This just adds to the surprise/grab bag factor! Enjoy!

If you don't want to commission me, but you're actually secretly a real life angel, you can send a $1-5 donation here:

Full commission/non sketchbook info can be found here:…
[P] ERROR by AshHavynn
file not found.

Morrre lady bee. Always more. Since she's not technically actually a beelzemon or a beelstarrmon, does that make her a glitch? Is her data unstable?

If you dig this sketchbook style, you can get your own experimental sketch at pay-what-you-want pices starting at $5!…
[P] THICCC by AshHavynn
Wanted to draw my extra curvy gal a few weeks ago, played around with some gouache while I was at it. Love how it came out!

If you dig this sketchbook style, you can get your own experimental sketch at pay-what-you-want pices starting at $5!…
[P] Ladybug Sketchbook by AshHavynn
[P] Ladybug Sketchbook
I don't argue with Bee when the muse strikes me to draw her. It's usually too dangerous.
Also, fun with washi tape and brush pens!

Want your own cool sketchbook experiment? Single character sketches are currently pay what you want from $5 up, more info here!…
[CLASS] Renegade by AshHavynn
[CLASS] Renegade
I hit my first milestone on my Patreon, so I'm sharing some work publically a lil early! Thank you to everyone who's contributed!

8x10", Mixed Media on Watercolor paper


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a frazzled college student and full time commission artist, and most of my free time goes to preparing for cons.
For reasons unknown to me, instead of uploading my awesome college work, I mostly just piss around and submit fantrolls.

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