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March 17, 2011



Stalking my Characters

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2011, 8:36 AM
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Aaand it's been a couple years since I had a little fun with this, so, here you go. Having a kind of crappy week since Monday, so I'm trying to keep myself amused.

Pick ANY character of mine and I will tell you their:
01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Odd Skills/Skills in general
08. Last Amusing Escapade
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

In case there's a character you're thinking of in particular:
savannah, sahara, sierra, zach, lela, seraph, REL, cheyenne, jarrett, karmandy, cheyanne, matthieu, julias, tuyen, weiss, vector, 2602:crises, louisette, alex, chance, jane, agents 01, 02, and 03

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memai-kins Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

AshHavynn Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Student General Artist
IDK?? BUT HERE, LET ME POUR YOU UP A TALL ONE. I'm kind of used to bitter-sweet 40's Weiss, but I know you're expecting bitter old man Weiss, so I'll do a more in depth array for him. I'll lean more towards the G9 arc, however, since his original TF2 backstory would contradict some aspects (such as being murdered and then brought back to life through respawn).

01. Full name Hans Aldus Weiß
He will ALWAYS sign his surname in this fashion, but may introduce himself to others (specifically, Americans) as "Weiss," in order to avoid mispronunciations. Cringes every time someone says "wice," and rages when it is said "wibe."
His father's name was Hans, and while his mother, for some reason, preferred reffering to both of them as Hans, after she died (Weiss was 5 or so), his father made the executive decision to address his son as "Aldus." As a grown man, a doctor, and a professor, many of his acquaintances began addressing him as Dr. Weiss, or very simply, Weiss. He has very little attachment to any of these names, and has no preference as to which he be called by, although, admittedly, he was initially not fond of his last name at all.
02. Best friend Weiss has no best friend, has never truly had a best friend, and likely never will. He liked to think that Dietrich was the very nearest person to him, and while he'd take a bullet for the man, he never felt close (or good) enough to be considered best friends.
03. Sexuality Weiss is gay. He hasn't "always been," or hasn't "always known," at least. He actually suffered a marriage with a gold-digging siren of a woman named Else, who tried to poison him over a prolonged time, and tried to burn his house down while he was in it. He is very, very bitter towards her, they are not on speaking terms, and due to the loss of the notes on Dietrich's disease, which burned away in the fire, if he saw her again he'd probably kill her. It must be understood that Weiss and Dietrich were separated for years, and it wasn't until he was reunited with him that Weiss realized that he liked a man in a dress. Generally speaking, a dress is a requirement.
04. Favorite color Teal, or bluish gray. He enjoys the colors of the ocean--not the aquamarines and the deep cobalt, but the dull, stormy colors of the ocean. He detests the color white, because it reminds him of deathly quiet, small, sterile hospital rooms. It makes him think of death, and immense loneliness, and a sort of fakery of affection. Plastic smiles and such. After Dietrich's death, Weiss grew very attached to the color red (which was Dietrich's favorite color).
05. Relationship status Single, not looking. Weiss has identified with being single for the majority of his life--even when he was married, Else was cold and distant, and it never felt like he had a mate. He definitely yearns for a companion, but he does not pursue these feelings, and tends to dwell on his loneliness.
06. Ideal mate In a word, Dietrich. Tall, thin, classy, warm and maternal, a pianist, German, fashionable and ect. He is likely more blinded by his feelings for Dietrich than he is able to discern what his preferences are, and if he ever did pursue love again, anyone else would be a rebound. Keep in mind that Weiss has a tendency to badly idealize those he cares for, Dietrich and his mother being akin to angels in his mind's eye. If you ever talk to DJ about this character, you would know different.
07. Odd Skills/Skills in general Weiss is genius. This man is ridiculously, unrealistically, insanely-to-the-state-of-poor-authorship intelligent. He studies botany and entomology almost religiously, and he can identify pretty much most flowers, trees, and the insects that inhabit them. He is especially well read on butterflies. He is convinced that the cures to all diseases lie in natural plant life, though it may need to be highly re-engineered to be usable. He is a fairly fast reader, but tends to read everything multiple times. He is also well-read, curiously enough, in animal mating trivia. Spouting useless and awkward bits of sex-related animal trivia actually used to be a huge social roadblock for him. He grew the shit out of that.
08. Last Amusing Escapade Weiss does not have "escapades." The most amusing thing he has probably done (in public) all week was re-read Baculovirus Molecular Biology while listening to Rowan play Beethoven or something.
Behind closed door he was recreating a non-contagious replica of the black plague to test on students
09. Favorite food Weiss fucking LOVES him some bagels. Not even fancy, fruity, flavored ones. Just plain bagels, sometimes with a bit of (also plain) cream cheese. He practically lives on coffee, however. He takes it strong, Columbian, and black. He has a coffee thermos with him the better portion of the day. He tends to eat very little, due to a meek appetite and a tendency to get so engrossed in his studies that he forgets to eat at all.
10. Crushes Nobody
11. Favorite music While He is a fan of the classics, and adores the piano and cello, Weiss also has a soft spot for ANGRY GERMAN METAL MUSIC. He listens to it when he thinks no one is listening/watching.
12. Biggest fear Weiss really has nothing to fear anymore. He has no more life goals for himself, and has reached a plateau of waking in the morning just to go to sleep again at night, in his cold bed. His biggest fear WAS being unable to save Dietrich.
So much for that.
13. Biggest fantasy Back in the day, Weiss dreamed about living happily ever after in a gilded mansion with a neverending butterfly garden and one or two very proper, well behaved children. He thought that he was going to cure Dietrich, who would fall madly in love with him, and that they'd fly away into the sunset, hearts entwined.
This isn't a fucking romance novel.
14. Quirks The few times that Weiss ever smiles anymore, he looks in severe pain. Weiss has never had an attractive smile, and has always had a very severe, forced looking smile that looks faked, nervous, and uncomfortable. He has gotten relatively frequent nosebleeds all of his life. For a few years in his forties, he was chronically ill, and prone to coughing or vomiting blood, likely as side effects to his wife's poisoning.
15. Bad habits Weiss used to stutter very badly when put in social situations. He was very shy and fidgety. He's ditched the bashful demeanor, but he is still horridly socially awkward, and often remains silent in conversations unless angered or professing his vast knowledge. Not eating is a bad habit. On most weekends, he stays locked in his office unless called for, doing god-knows-what and not coming out. His hands are badly scarred from chemical burns and glass cuts, from working with volatile chemicals. He keeps pet rats (after having kept lab rats for many years, he probably feels a kinship to them). He talks to the pet rats.
16. Biggest regret He left Dietrich's side under the command of his father when they were fairly young (Weiss was still in his teens). Though Weiss never stopped trying to find the cure for this disease, he assumed Dietrich dead, and believes that if he had only defied his father, he could have singlehandedly cured Dietrich and won his love from the start (although the child's want to wear dresses and be pretty were very off-putting to the young doctor at the time, and he would have never thought of him as more than a patient and friend).
17. Best kept secrets Weiss does not talk about Dietrich. To anyone. He keeps multiple photographs, and there is obviously this significant other (a woman?) from his past, but few people know too much about it. He will answer any inquiries of the photographs in short, desensitized sentences.
18. Last thought Before dying? A butterfly he had seen catch fire in his garden when Else burned down the house; Dietrich at the piano.
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience Any sexual/romantic experience. Weiss is awkward. He has also been (and it is debatable he may still be) a virgin for the better portion of his life.
20. Biggest insecurity His boundless knowledge and constant, insatiable thirst to learn more; to finish every book in the library twice and be notified when new books arrive, his incredible talent for solving problems and healing people, and yet his inability to save one person. He'd rather the world have died in a fire than to have lost out to Dietrich's illness.

</wall of text>
memai-kins Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Delicious, though I wouldn't have minded the original TF2 arc BUT WHATEVER, WEISS YOU CRANKY OLD KRAUT ;____; <3
professorPineapple Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
AshHavynn Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011  Student General Artist
01. REL Lynn Wigglesworth
02. Best friend: Depending on the day of the week, it can either be Will, Seraph, or her pet ferret. Her relationship with Seraph is love/hate, and fluctuates between arch enemies and near-lovers, and while she typically considers Will a friend on most occasions, it is somewhat difficult to be close to him. Her ferret is ALWAYS there for her when the others aren't awesome enough.
03. Sexuality: Will argue to the moon that she's straight, but is secretly a tad bi-romantic. She isn't ENTIRELY a homophobe, but it's still a world that's new and unfamiliar to her, and she'll occasionally be unsure how to respond. She tries to run her men like a pimp, but in a romantic situation with another girl, she'll get shy.
04. Favorite color: Garnet red and Gunmetal grey.
05. Relationship status: "In the market."
06. Ideal mate: Someone strong, cool, and daring. She wants a knight in shining armor to come rescue her from whatever peril she thinks she's in--but who knows when to back the hell down and let her be a queen.
07. Odd Skills/Skills in general: REL is quite the little fashion designer--it's probably her biggest pride and she doesn't necessarily hide it. She's very good at reading most people, and can quickly find out what your buttons are. Her prowess in manipulation and blackmail are her second pride, and likely is even more infamous than her fashion design talents.
08. Last Amusing Escapade: Tried to take Will out to the beach. Discovered how unamazingly unfun it was.
09. Favorite food: REL rarely eats. She adores fruit smoothies, however. Her favorite flavors are blueberry pomegranate, strawberry mango, and blueberry pineapple.
10. Crushes: Dear lord everyone. Her biggest crushes have been Simon, Derby, Gord (THAT ONE didn't work out as much as she'd have liked), Johnny Vincent (neither did this one), Will (until she found out he was gay... Join the club, Delilah), and (SECRETLY) Kay. None of them ever worked out if they even happened at all, because REL has NEVER been able to hold a steady relationship. I am beginning to think that she's less of a promiscuous whore and more of a manipulator who is also afraid of commitment.
11. Favorite music: She adores Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy and 3Oh!3, but you'd be hardpressed to hear it from her. She maintains, in public, that she has "more refined" tastes, but her idea of what "more refined" means changes with the wind--and the popular interest.
12. Biggest fear: Being unable to care for herself, relying on some man, or having to sacrifice her own life to care for another's (before she's ready). Her worst case scenario is living in some run down apartment with 2 kids, and a pack of cigarettes, wearing a stained wife-beater/pajama pants/crocs combo, and constantly phoning some man to find out when the next check will come, and a second man on line two who is never home.
13. Biggest fantasy: Owning the biggest, most desired clothing line in the world, being absolutely fabulous, and loving every minute of it. She also fantasizes about being Lady Gaga, but this is a less realistic goal. Maybe becoming her designer?
14. Quirks: Only wears purple lipstick. Never pink, or red. Always some sort of fuschia, grape, or raspberry. Like several respectable Latina women, REL can run track in 6-inch heels. She has a habit of carrying her ferret in her purse--like a purse dog. One pigtail is almost characteristically worn higher than the other. It's assumed that this is a fashion statement, but it may actually be due to an inability to get them perfectly straight, thus her response to an OCD is to make sure it's wrong ON PURPOSE.
15. Bad habits: She can't go five minutes without looking at her phone, or seven without actually texting or calling someone. She can send a ludicrous amount of information in a minute, which is an addiction/curse/blessing that is actually very useful in her pursued career. She can cut people off in conversation without even realizing it.
16. Biggest regret: Being almost as unable to maintain friendships as she is unable to maintain romantic relationships. She just can't seem to not find something to hate about everyone.
17. Best kept secrets: REL has a large interest in house wifey type things. She enjoys home economics, like cooking, decorating, and on some rare occasions, even cleaning. She has also created several pieces for her father's runway shows and fashion lines--to which he receives full credit.
18. Last thought: "Why hasn't he texted me back yet!?"
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: Any time a girl comes on to her, which isn't often, unsurprisingly. Her friendship with Seraph hit the rocks after Seraph confessed feelings for her and tried to kiss her. It's been awkward at best between them ever since.
20. Biggest insecurity: Apart from how powerless she feels when she considers romantic feelings for another woman, REL is highly insecure about her physical appearance. No matter how much photoshopping she sees the artist do, she's never convinced that she looks enough like the models on the billboards. Obviously, since she hides her taste in music and her interest in cooking, she is insecure about those, too.
professorPineapple Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
REL doing wifey things sounds adorable. I can imagine her baking cookies in stiletto heels XD

The idea of Will on a beach makes me laugh for some reason >_>
AshHavynn Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Student General Artist
She totally does bake cookies in stilettos and amazingly fashionable and expensive aprons.
I promise you, you'd be better off buying cookies from the store.
memai-kins Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
AshHavynn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Student General Artist
YEY <3

01. Karmandy May Wakefield (INSISTS that her name is Karmandy Kutthroat, and also responds to "Karma")
02. Best friend: She has several "let's go screw with shit" friends, but Cheyenne is the one she trusts the most. They actually met when a mistake was made hiring a babysitter; Cheyenne was 12, Karmandy was 16, and fishnets and black lipstick were NOT what the Poniewas' were looking for in a responsible caregiver.
03. Sexuality: Straight, but openly comments on how hot other girls are. She uses this as a way to get a guy's attention.
04. Favorite color: Blood red. Not just any red. blood. Second favorite is midnight black.
05. Relationship status: As far as anyone knows, she was with Cheyenne when she committed suicide. It's assumed they were exclusive, and if you're lucky enough to hear it from Chey's mouth, he'll tell you that much. They started dating just before the summer Cheyenne turned 14, so they were together for a few months. Cheyenne had been trying to hook up with her just about since he turned 13. Maybe earlier than that. The fact that she was so openly rebellious and disruptive was what drew him in.
06. Ideal mate: [link]
07. Odd Skills/Skills in general: Plays the guitar 'cuz it's cool. Can play a few mainstream songs, but isn't going to star in a band or anything. Can pick locks and jump fences and do general delinquent things. An interesting fact is that in the few years they knew each other, Karmandy taught Cheyenne almost everything he knows about fighting. He used to rough-house with his cousins, but Karmandy actually taught him moves and defenses. Because of this, she held a natural advantage over him.
08. Last Amusing Escapade: With the help of several friends, snuck into a cow pasture and kidnapped a calf in the middle of the night. Picked the lock on her ex principal's house, and left the calf in the living room. Karmandy was a bona-fide townie in her region.
09. Favorite food: Sour chewy candy.
10. Crushes: I'm not sure how this applies if they were in a relationship, but she did have a bit of a wandering eye. If she ever cheated, she did a good job of keeping it on the down low.
11. Favorite music: Punk. Think Blink182. She occasionally listens to death metal, but can only take so much of it. It's kind of a social thing.
12. Biggest fear: Conformity to the American dream, never being accepted for who she is in a society full of soccer moms, that teenage angst about being dissatisfied with who you are/what the world is/how you can fit into it. Not knowing what she's going to do when she gets old.
13. Biggest fantasy: Dating an A-list rock star and being on the news every week for some scandalous celebrity thing. She wants to be that girl that parents hate and children want to grow up to be. She never really set any life goals for herself, and more often just daydreamed about being young and fabulous.
14. Quirks: Has the tendency to call everyone "kid." She continues to use this pet name on Cheyenne, even after he grew taller than her and they started dating. She talks like a stoner more because of watching movies/TV than actually being stoned. She does, however, have blonde moments.
15. Bad habits: Obviously, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. She'd tried or made plans to kill herself 3 or 4 times while she and Cheyenne were dating, and he'd always show up at just the right time, talk (or force) her out of it, and work her ego back up. While it did worry him, he was young and pretty naive, and assumed she'd grow bored of it. When Karmandy does get bored, of anything, she tends to be reckless and spontaneous. She's the type who gets questioned a lot, "WHY would you even think of doing that!?" and her answer is always "It seemed like a good idea at the time" or "I thought it would be fun."
16. Biggest regret: She's outwardly really big on not regretting anything, but she really hates how estranged she is from her family. You rarely hear about them unless it's the latest argument she's had with them, the last time she ran away, got kicked out, ect. She constantly stays gone at friends' and acquaintances houses for nights to weeks at a time without much contact with her family. She's banned from the Poniewas house. As comes with teenage angst, she regrets not being "more of a person," whatever that even means.
17. Best kept secrets: I'm sure not getting caught for half the shit she does counts for this question.
18. Last thought: Since she actually IS presumed dead, I can be a little more accurate with this one. She jumped off of a bridge, into a river. Her last thoughts were, "Geez, I'm fucked up," and preceeding that her last spoken words were, "Let's see you come after me this time, kid." Yes. She really did look Chey dead in the face and say that. Da-rama. IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD THING TO SAY AT THE TIME. Anyway, the grandparents didn't think attending the funeral would be good for Chey, emotionally.
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: Every time, and I mean every single time, she and Chey thought they were going to be intimate, SOMEBODY WOULD COCK BLOCK THEM. Both have hidden in closets and under beds so many times it's not even funny. Odds are, Karmandy has spent the night in a closet before.
20. Biggest insecurity: This idea that nobody understands her, and the equally dramatic idea that Cheyenne is some sweetheart who's way too good for her and would be better off without her. Once again, depressed kind of thoughts that really should have had therapy. She probably would have grown out of this way of thinking.
memai-kins Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
... Chey/Karmandy doodles coming to an inbox near you ;___; SHE SOUNDS LIKE A FUN BITCH ♥
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